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Computer consulting requires some action before opening your doors. Get your business cards printed, pick a niche and hang out where you?d likely find prospects for computer consulting.

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Before you open the doors to your computer consulting business, you need to get your ducks in a row. You’ll need to pick a company name and get your business cards printed. Then you’ll need to consider what types of customers you want to pursue and where you can meet them. In this article, you’ll learn how and why you need to accomplish these steps.

Get Your Business Cards Printed

Get your business cards printed, even if you don’t think they’ll last you forever. If you decide to change your company name, phone number or address 6 months down the road, that’s okay-you can get them reprinted. At least in the mean time, you can start getting momentum going by handing out a couple of business cards to all of your friends and family members.

Get the Word Out about Your Computer Consulting

Whenever you’re in networking situations, whenever you’re meeting people at your kids’ soccer games, or church or synagogue, or you’re standing on line talking to people at the movies, you’ll have the opportunity to tell them about your business and hand out your business cards. These people can then become part of your extended sales force.

Get Involved in Your Business Community

Get involved in some local organizations where small business owners meet. Look for three or four good local trade groups to get involved with. One might be your chamber of commerce, related user group or trade group, and possibly an industry-specific trade group.

Start Where You Know

Many times it makes sense to pick an industry focus where you come from. There’s always opportunity to branch out into other places. But at least if you start with a niche, you’re already familiar with, you’ll already have some credibility. You’ll find it easier to come up with a marketing message that hits home. You’ll find it easier to be memorable, because you’re not looking like everyone else who’s in the phone book or everyone else who could conceivably do the job who doesn’t have expertise in that particular niche.

Evaluate Your Computer Consulting Niche for Enough Prospects

With that nursing background, for example, you could focus some of your early marketing and business development activities on small doctor’s offices in your local area? as long as you have a fair amount of confidence that there are at least 500 or 1,000 prospects in a one hour radius of where you’re located. Your knowledge should be a big hit with both the key decision makers and the individual PC users.

You may even want to consider branding yourself by putting your industry focus in your name. For instance, you might add health care systems, medical office systems, or medical office technology as part of your computer consulting company name.

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